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Exploring the Extravagance of High-End Men’s Luxury Bags

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INKED’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Get ready to score some major brownie points with unique picks tailored to every dad's vibe.

Electrifying Classics

Beloved Vintage Vehicles are Getting a Whole New Lease on Life


Celebrating the Allure and Empowerment of Tattooed Females

Unveiling the Beauty and Strength of Inked Women

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The Notorious Renaissance

The Man Behind the Ink

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The Ink Matters

Our Favorite Quality Tattoo Inks

One Stop Shop

Boston’s First Barber Shop/Tattoo Parlor Attracts Celebrity Clientele


Our Next-Gen Technology Picks to Help Boost Your Creativity and Achieve Your Tattoo Goals

Lume Cube: Shedding Light on Tattoo Tools

One of the most critical factors in achieving tattoo perfection is often overlooked – lighting.


Yoshi Tattooer

Yoshi, a talented artist born in Japan and raised in Korea, embodies a rich blend of Korean and Japanese heritage.

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Exploring Post-Neocubism Art with Miguel Angel Belinchón (Belin)


Ángel Manuel Soto

The Origin Story of a Filmmaker Forged in Ink

Katy Perry’s Latest Tattoo Continues Longtime Tradition

There truly is no better way to commemorate a moment in time than by inking it into your body forever, and Katy Perry does exactly that. Ever since 2009, the…


The Rebirth of Grey Daze

A Journey of Tragedy, Resilience and Musical Innovation

Unraveling the Tapestry of Able Heart

A story of resilience, rebirth, and realization in tattoos and music.

Digital Age Dynamo

No stranger to immersive creativity, Doja Cat continues to shine as a revolutionary beacon within the music industry.


March 28, 2024

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