Hall Of Fame


Charlie Raye

Charlie, the 2023 Inked Cover Girl, is a gorgeous Colorado native residing in Chi-town. She’s an adventurous, free-spirited entrepreneur, dog lover, fitness enthusiast, and foodie. Her tattoos narrate a captivating life tale, transforming her skin into an artistic canvas. Each tattoo embodies her vibrant spirit, from meaningful symbols reflecting her past to spontaneous designs celebrating life’s excitement. A significant tattoo in her collection is a majestic willow tree, representing strength. Starting her tattoo journey at 16, Charlie transitioned from sentimental to whimsical self-expression as the years passed.


Skye Hall

Raised on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota as a Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation member, Skye is indigenous, inked, and proud. To her, ink is all about self-expression. Skye’s efforts to push herself outside her comfort zone paid off when she was named Inked Cover Girl 2022. She celebrates her heritage by dancing at powwows and memorializing her ancestors on her body.


Jessica Carter

Las Vegas’ own Jessica Carter is a horror movie enthusiast determined to bring tattoo culture into the competitive high fashion world. After being told that she was too tattooed to model by so many, she found a way to make a name for herself on her own terms and carve her unique path in the industry. When she isn’t out breaking barriers, Jessica usually spends time with her pups or sharpens her skills in ballroom dancing.


Courtney Elawar

Courtney, or CC as she is known to her beloved fans, considers herself to be a small-town girl with big dreams. After striving to be on the cover of Inked magazine for several years, CC’s biggest wish came true after taking home the title of Inked Cover Girl 2020. When she isn’t striking a pose for the camera, Courtney works as a mortgage broker and equestrian while celebrating her love of music and art.


Chelsea Schaefer

Chelsea is known to many as a multi-talented veterinary nurse and passionate wolf rescue advocate. She prides herself on her strength to overcome life’s challenges, using difficult times as motivation to propel herself toward her goals. In 2019, Chelsea’s drive and ambition pushed her to the top of the pack as she proudly added Inked Cover Girl to her resume! When she’s not busy modeling, practicing veterinary medicine, and protecting wildlife, she enjoys traveling the world and collecting tattoos along the way. 


Brooklyn St. Patrick

Our very first Inked Cover Girl, Brooklyn, is a proud mother and realtor who has always dreamed of making a name for herself in the modeling world. As an avid and passionate art collector, it wasn’t long before she discovered black and grey realism artwork and fell in love with the world of tattooing. With expansive pieces from industry legends such as Josh Duffy and Robert Pho, Brooklyn is a true collector and lover of all things tattoos.


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